Dittrichia graveolens

Synon: Inula viscosa

Stinking fleabane                                                                                              Κονυζός                                                        


Asteraceae - the daisy family                                                                                    Dicot.


Dittrichia graveolens is similar in appearance to the related D. viscosa and the two plants often grow in the same viscinity. Unlike D. viscosa, it is an annual and not woody towards the base. The two can be distinguished by smell,

D. graveolens, as both its scientific and common English name, stinking fleabane, suggest is worse smelling than

than D. viscosa.

The plants can become troublesome weeds and are dangerous to grazing animals, as the seeds have irritating bristles.

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Dittrichia viscosa
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Ecballium elaterium.
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