Dittrichia viscosa

Synon: Inula viscosa

Sticky fleabane                                                                                                   Ακόνυζια


Asteraceae - the daisy family                                                                                    Dicot.


The pyramidal bushes of Dittricia viscosa, with their bright yellow daisy flowers are familiar to anyone who has travelled in Greece, where they are a common roadside plant. The plant is covered in glandular hairs, which produce an sticky, viscous, oily substance which emits an unusual, spicy smell in the heat of the day. This gives protection to the plant from high temperature and the plant remains green throughout the summer months and flowers in autumn.

The plant can be a troublesome weed and although it is endemic to the Mediterranean basin, it has become invasive in Australia and U.S.A, where it has naturalised.

, W,                                         Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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