Glebionis segetum

Synon: Chrysanthemum segetum

Corn marigold                                               Αγριομαργαρίτα, Αγριομαντηλίδα

Compositae - the daisy family                                                                         Dicot.


These brilliant marigolds brighten the fields with golden yellow in spring , making a bright contrast to the red poppies just before they dominate the meadows.

The flower heads  of Glebionis segetum always have yellow disc and ray florets. They have smooth sturdy stems and waxy bright green leaves. The lower leaves are deeply divided into wide lobes, the middle leaves are dentate and upper, cauline, (growing on stem) leaves are oblong, pointed and entire. This is in contrast with Glebionis coronarium which have feathery leaves.

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Glebionis coronarium
Crown daisyGlebionis_coronarium.html
Helichrysum stoechas