Hypochaeris achyrophorus

Cat’s ear                                                                                                           Γαλατσίδα

Asteraceae - daisy family                                                                                          Dicot.


A dandelion-like flower, Hypochaeris achyrophorus, and other members of the genus are known in English as cat’s ear as the plants are covered in soft hairs. It differs from the true dandelions in that the stem is solid and branched, the basal leaves are spathulate (spoon shaped) or obovate (oval narrowing at base). and not typical dandelion leaves.It is apparently edible with the same uses as dandelion but too hairy for most tastes.

25-30mm,20-40cm, ,
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Hypochaeris - hypo - under + chaeris from hiros (χοίρος) - a small pig

achyrophorus - etymology unknown

Inula verbascifolia
Hypericum perforatum
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