Oxalis pes-caprae

Sour sorrel, Bermuda buttercup                                                     Ξινήθρα– μπογιά
Oxalidaceae  - wood sorrel family                                                                    Dicot.

This pretty little weed with lemon yellow flowers is an attractive site throughout the winter months but it is an alien species, originating in South Africa. Oxalis pes- caprae was introduced to Sicily in 1796 and Malta in  1805 (from Bermuda) and has since colonised the whole of the Mediterranean basin. The plant contains high concentrations of oxalic acid and can be toxic to cattle but is eaten by pigs and turkeys. It can be a troublesome weed on agricultural land and can crowd ou indigenous species including rare orchids.

The four yellow petals are fused at the base to form a cone from which the style protrudes. The flowers are however are sterile and the plant propagates by small bulblets. The leaves are bright green with three leaflets similar to shamrock.

Oxalis from ancient Greek means sour and pes-caprae, from latin, meaning goats foot!

3-4.5cm, 20-40cm,
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