Portulaca oleracea

Purslane                                                                                         Αντράκλα, γλυστρίδα

Portulacaeae - purslane family                                                                                   Dicot.


Easily recognised by their shiny oval leaves and succulent red stems, purslane, is found growing in sunny sites. Spreading green mats, which in early summer are sprinkled with small, shining, brilliant yellow flowers can be seen on the paving stones in the streets in Skopelos town.

A salad of purslane, picked from the field, tomatoes and cucumber and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, is simple and delicious. Probably originating in the eastern Mediterranean, it is a plant which has been eaten and used as a medicinal herb throughout the world for many centuries: it is a rich source of vitamin C and Omega 3.

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