Rapistrum rugosum

Bastard cabbage                                                                                       Μη διαθέσιμη

Brassicaceae - cabbage family                                                                                  Dicot.


The widespread weed bastard cabbage (Rapistrum rugosum) is one of a number of species with similar yellow, mustard-like flowers. It is recognised by its small fruits, which occur along the stems as small sheres with a narrow beak. A native of the Eastern Mediterranean, it is extremely invasive. It can rapidly spread to fill a field creating a monoculture which shades out other more delicate species. It has been introduced into N. America, where it has begun to cause serious problems, particularly in Texas.

rapistrum from rapum - Latin for turnip + istrum meaning meaning looks like

rugosum - Latin meaning full of wrinkles

10-20mm,30-40m,  20-80cm,
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