Reichardia picroides

Common brighteyes                                                                                   Αγααλατσίδα

Asteraceae - daisy family                                                                                          Dicot.


A very successful plant on Skopelos, the mediterranean species, Reichardia picroides, is able to tolerate extreme conditions, and to inhabit a wide variety of habitats, even growing on the very edge of the sea, where it is subjected to salt spray. It flowers throughout most of the year, except for the driest and coldest months. It is easily recognised by its pear shaped buds with triangular bracts. The young leaves are a popular form of horta, adding piquancy  to salad or boiled wild greens (horta vrasta).

25-30mm,20-40cm, ,
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Reichardia after Johann Jacob Reichard an 18th century botanist & physician

Picroides - from picris (πικρός) Greek for bitter

+ oides - from Greek eidos (είδος) meaning a kind of, or type of

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