Rhagadiolus stellatus

Star hawkbit                                                                               Κοινό όνομα άγνωστο

Asteraceae - daisy family                                                                                          Dicot.


The flower head of Rhagadiolus stellatus closely resembles a regular flower but is formed from a few, 5 to 10, yellow florets emerging from a tubular involucre. It is unusual for a member of the Asteraceae; it does not have vertical flower stems arising from the centre of a flattened rosette of leaves, as most members of the daisy/dandelion family but has long thin stems which radiate and scramble through the surrounding vegetation. It also has unusual fruits, which form a characteristic green star; this gives the species name stellatus. It is one of only two recognised species of the genus Rhagadiolis and the only one growing on Skopelos.

16-19mm,30-50cm                                            JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC

Rhagadiolus from ragas (ραγας) ancient greek for slit from the structure of the fruits

stellatus latin meaning shaped like a star

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