Sonchus asper

Prickly sow-thistle                                                                                      Τσόχος

Compositae -  daisy family                                                                            Dicot.


Very similar to Sonchus oleraceous, but more spikey as the common English name suggests, the prickly sow-thistle, is collected when the leaves are young and tender to be eaten as a salad leaf or vegetable, zochos, one of many herbs collected by the islanders. The large yellow heads are formed of many ray florets with prominent dark stamens, which appear like double question marks. Characteristically the plants are covered in red glandular hairs, which exude a liquid that protects the plant from high light levels. The plant flowers in spring and autumn and may be found at all times of the year.

3–5cm, 40-90cm,
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Sonchus from zochos, the Greek name for the plant

+ asper = an ancient turkish silver coin

Smyrnium perfoliatum
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Sonchus oleraceous
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