Sternbergia lutea

Autumn daffodil, lily of the field                                  Κίτρινο κρινάκι, Στερνμπέργια

Amaryllidaceae - daffodil family                                                              Monocot.


The beautiful bright, shiny, golden, autumn flowering Sternbergia lutea grows, often in large clumps, in sunny fields, olive groves and orchards. They are often planted in gardens where it naturalises and may then escape again into the surrounding countryside. They are often referred to as daffodils, crocuses or lilies but they are different to all these. The flowers have 6 tepals*, 6 stamens and a single stigma. The flowers emerge before the bright green linear, blade-like leaves.

The scientific genus has been named after the Czech naturalist Count Kaspar von Sternberg, who founded the Bohemian Museum in Prague.

4-4.5cm 15-20cm                                                                                          Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Spartium junceum
Spanish broomSpartium_junceum.html

The term tepal is used when the outer petal-like parts of the flower when they are not divided into petals and sepals, which is the more usual arrangement. 
Tepals usually occur in monocotyledonous plants, which often grow from bulbs or corms and have narrow strap-like leaves.
Taraxacum megalorhizon