Taraxacum megalorrhizon

Dandelions                                                                                                       Πικραλίδα

Asteraceae - daisy family                                                                                           Dicot


These golden heads, these common suns..

Howard Nemerov. Dandelions. 1955

The mediterranean dandelion, Taraxacum megalorrhizon, is often one the first plants to flower after the winter and following the first rain of autumn. It is abundant on Skopelos and its leaves, amongst others, carpeting the ground with succulent green leaves in springtime.

The plant has the characteristic basal rosette of lance shaped dandelion leaves, with their toothed edges, the unbranched stems bear a single flower golden yellow head, which is like other Asteraceae, composed of spirally arranged florets and to the delight of children progresses to a dandelion clock of seeds, which are carried off on the slightest wind by the delicate parachute of fine white hairs, the pappus.

The Taraxacum species are capable of both sexual and asexual production of seeds. In sexual reproduction the pollen of one plant is carried to another by insects, particularly bees; there is mixing of genes and offspring have a mix of traits from both parents. Some individual dandelions have the ability to produce seed without prior fertilisation, this is known as apomixis. All the offspring are identical to the mother plant, that is they are maternal clones; it is therefore possible for the progeny of a single daffodil to fill a field.

25-30mm,5-15cm, ,

Taraxacum- the Medieval name for dandelion, possibly from arabic -talkh chakok- meaning bitter herb

Megalorrhizon - megalo (μεγάλο)- greek for large + rrhizon - (ρίζα) greek for root


These golden heads, these common suns,

Only less multitudinous

Than the grass that gluts,

The market of the world with green,

They shine as lovely as they’re mean,

Fine as the daughters of the poor,

Who go proudly in spangles of brass;

Light headed, then headless, stalked for a salad.

Howard Nemerov.

Sternbergia lutea.
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Tribulus terrestris