Urospermum picroides

Prickly goldenfleece                                                                                    Γαλατσίδα

Asteraceae - daisy family                                                                                          Dicot.


Urospermum  picroides is one of many plants with yellow dandelion-like flowers to be found on Skopelos. It is distinguished by its pear shaped bud, the bracts are curved giving a deeply grooved appearance to the buds and seed heads; the heads are very bristly. The young basal leaves can be eaten as a salad plant or boiled. It has a picante flavour giving rise to the species name which which roughly translates to a type of bitter (leaf).

17-25mm,20-40cm, ,
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Urospermum from oura (οοπά)=Greek for tail and spermum from sporos (σπόπος) =Greek for seed

Picroides - from picris (πικρός)=Greek for bitter

+ oides - from Greek eidos (είδος) meaning a kind of, or type of

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