Euphorbia oblongata

Balkan spurge                                                                                                  Γαλατσίδα

Euphorbiacea - spurge family                                                                                  Dicot.

Euphorbia helioscopia
sun spurgeEuphorbia_helioscopia.html

Euphorbia oblongata is similar to, but is less common and less dramatic than its close relative E. characias. It has become a very popular garden plant in recent years.It has attractive yellow flower heads arranged in umbels, with five spokes. The flower heads are typical of the spurges or euphorbias with a naked female flower, with no petals or sepals, surrounded by tiny male flowers. The flowers are surrounded by bracteoles, which give the appearance of petals.

The plants are poisonous and contains a milky sap which is highly irritant and causes a rash especially following exposure to sun (photosensitive).

Euphorbia - after an ancient Greek physician Euphorbos

Helioscopia - helios from ilios (¨ηλιος) - greek for the sun + scopia (σκοπιά) from ancient greek - to look or examine

3-4cm,  20-50cm,,
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Filago eriocephalus